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Kindness Challenge – Week 4

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Don’t you love the feeling when someone at the grocery store sees you are in a hurry lets you move ahead of them or when a stranger pays for your coffee?

This week, it is time to return the favor. Make it your goal this week to do something nice for a stranger a minimum of 4 times. It does not have to be a huge gesture or cost money: hold the door open for someone (maybe stand behind it so you don’t breath on them), toss a few extra pennies in the “take a penny”, cup at the gas station, volunteer to mow a neighbor’s lawn, or donate to a charity. Think up your own creative way to do something to make a stranger’s day a smidge better. Do it without expecting or requiring recognition or gratitude, do it because a little heartfelt kindness goes a long way to making your world a better place. Don’t forget to make some observations about what you experience and how this exercise made you feel.

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