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4 Tips for Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite

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Summer is here, the season of shorts, swimsuits and dimples (and not the ones on your cheeks).  If you are like most women, 9 out of 10 to be exact, you have some degree of cellulite on your body most likely on your hips, thighs or abdomen.  The majority of us tolerate it, covering up what we can and ignoring the rest.  Other refuse to expose their legs to any semblance of sunlight preferring instead to swelter through the summer heat in long pants.

While there is no proven way to get rid of cellulite I am going to give you a few simple tips on how you can reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Tip #1 – Drink More Water

Drinking 80-100 ounces of water each day has a twofold benefit to reducing the appearance of cellulite.  First, water helps flush toxins from the body.  These toxins can build up in fat tissue and add to the lumpy appearance of cellulite.  Second, well hydrated skin looks plump and smooth.  Start your day with a large glass of water with a few slices of lemon to get extra detoxifying benefits.

*As an extra tip, avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and soda  as too much caffeine can cause poor circulation leading to a buildup of toxins in the body.  Limit caffeine intake or remove it from your diet all together if possible.


Tip #2 – Eat Right to Beat Cellulite

Eating a clean well-balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits and lean protein provides nutrients crucial to fighting the appearance of cellulite.  Not only do most fruits and vegetables create an alkaline environment in your body ideal for releasing toxins, many have vitamins that can help repair collagen, increase skin elasticity, aid in fluid reduction and the removal of toxins.  Lean proteins like chicken and white fish have amino acids that can help boost collagen production and reduce water retention while oily fish like salmon can help repair and rehydrate skin tissue.


Tip #3 – Exercise

We all know that exercise provides a myriad of health benefits and you can add cellulite reduction to those benefits.  Exercise can help minimize the look of cellulite in two ways.  First, because cellulite is made up of fat, reducing the amount of excess fat you have limits the amount of fat that can press out between the connective tissue.  Therefore cardiovascular exercise can burn calories and reduce excess body fat.  Find a few types of cardio you enjoy such as running, elliptical training, HIIT, cycling or dancing and alternate between them to ensure variety and to challenge the body.  Second, resistance training helps to increase muscle tone.  Toned muscle supports the overlying tissues and gives the skin a firmer, smoother appearance.  Choose exercises that target the areas where you have cellulite like the buttocks and thighs.  Try a variety of lunges, squats and bridges.


Tip #4 – Give Yourself an at Home Spa Treatment

Once or twice a week give yourself a coffee body scrub.  Grind caffeinated coffee grounds into a fine powder, mix with coconut/olive oil or body lotion and massage onto areas with cellulite for 4-5 minutes then rinse (be careful the oil can make the shower slippery).  Next, add about 5 drops of essential oils into 2 tablespoons of massage oil.  Good essential oils to use are geranium, juniper berry, grapefruit or rosemary.  Try using avocado, jojoba or olive oil for your massage oil.  Starting at the knee and working upward, rub the oil onto the areas of cellulite using firm circular movements.  Once the oil has absorbed into the skin pinch and lift sections of the skin from the knee up through the hip and buttock.  Finally, gently stroke up the thigh and hip using long light strokes.


Over time, following these 4 easy tips can help noticeably reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The key is to stay consistent and be patient.


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For more, tips and tricks for diminishing the appearance of cellulite visit the Cellulite Tips page on my website.


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