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Practice Gratitude for More than “Things”

If you have followed this blog for very long you probably noticed that I post a lot about taking note of things you are grateful for.

But often we forget that being grateful is about more than being thankful for material things, gratitude is also about experiences that you’ve had, people you have met, or other non-material things that you have received.

For example, have you ever been thankful that you drove all the way to work and had all green lights?

Have you ever thank the Universe for a complement you received?

Today, make it your goal to make a list of non-material things you’re thankful for:

“I am grateful I had the opportunity to shovel snow from my elderly neighbor’s driveway so she could go to church.”

“I am grateful a colleague made me realize what a terrific job I have.”

“I am grateful I had an amazing time learning to surf on vacation.”

“I am grateful I have a loving family.”

“I am grateful I found an inspirational book to listen to in my commute.”

“I am grateful my grandmother taught me how to make her delicious fried chicken.”

Expressing gratitude is a great way to put a positive spin on your day and your life. And, if you say, “Thank You”, to someone else it can make their life better as well.

If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with friends and family. Together we can make the world a happier more positive place, one “thank you” at a time.

With Gratitude,


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Thank You Thursday 

What and who are you grateful for in your relationships?  Take some time today to write out your list.

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Thank You Thursday

Thankful Tip:

Whenever you encounter a case of the “worry warts”, stop and think of 10 things you have to be grateful for! 
 Please take a look at my Kickstarter campaign, Adventures in Gratitude, If it inspires you, please contribute and share! Thank you!

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Thank You Thursday

We hear a lot about performing random acts of kindness.  You know, things like paying for a stranger’s cup of coffee, taking in your neighbor’s garbage can, or shoveling snow from an elderly neighbor’s walkway.  I love random acts of kindness,  I think they are a terrific way to create positive energy and “good karma”.

Today I would like to introduce you to a new random act, Random Acts of Gratitude!

What, you may ask, is a “random act of gratitude”?

A random act of gratitude is when you thank someone, usually a stranger or casual acquaintance, for something they did to make your day better or something you saw them do, like a random act of kindness, for someone else.

Here are a few examples:

  • While in the parking lot of your local store you see a patron put their shopping cart in the designated corral rather than leaving it to roll aimlessly through the lot.  As you pass by you say, “Thank you for putting that cart away.  You saved my car from dings.”
  • Standing in line for coffee you notice the woman (or man) in front of you has a beautiful and engaging smile.  You could say, “You have a great smile!  It made my day.”


Spend your day looking for reasons to perform “random acts of gratitude”, at the store, at work, on the bus, etc.  Make it your mission today to perform at least 2 “random acts of gratitude.”  I guarantee it will make you feel great and make the other person’s day amazing!


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Spread the Gratitude

First, I would like to say, “Thank You!!!”, to everyone who has read and supported my blog.  I am truly grateful!

Today is an exciting day!

For the past month I have been working on a book of tips, tricks, games, and affirmations designed to help readers express their gratitude and manifest even more things for which to be grateful.

I am thrilled to say that the rough draft of the book is completed and I am ready to get the book prepared for publishing.

In an effort to help cover the costs of graphics, editing, and promotion I have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finance my book project.

Below is the link to the campaign page where you can find more information on the project:

I would be grateful to everyone if you would share the link, promote my quest, and contribute if you can!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Thank You!!!!!

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Thank You Thursday

This week I would like to combine “Thank You Thursday” with your quest to achieve your goals in 2016-2017.  If you have not been following along with our Goal Achievement Quest refer to the Achievements 2016-2017 page of this blog to catch up.

The best and fastest way to manifest your dreams is to feel the feelings of already having achieved them.  Because gratitude is sure to be one of the emotions you will feel once you have reached your goal, expressing gratitude in advance is a terrific way to get into this feeling space.

For example, here is my list:

  • I am so grateful that I was able to purchase a Jeep Wrangler XL by 12/1/16.
  • I am excited and grateful that I sold >500 copies of Cooking with Your Canine in 2016.
  • Thank you to the 1000+ followers of my health and wellness blog.  I appreciate your comments, contributions, and support!
  • I am thankful that I had the ability to donate $1000 to childrens’ charities in 2016
  • Thank you Universe, for my 5 amazing new friends.
  • I am grateful I had the opportunity to  take 4, 3-4 day vacations this year!
  • I am so happy and grateful I had the chance to take an African Safari!  It was an incredible adventure.
  • I am thankful I took the time to spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day meditating or doing a guided meditation.  I feel more relaxed and focused.
  • I am grateful I finished my yoga certification classes.
  • Thank you, Rachel, for improving your flexibility by spending at least 15 minutes every day stretching or doing yoga.

Take some time today to write out the achievements you listed in prior exercises or any new goals you wish to achieve and add an expression of gratitude.  As you write out your achievements allow yourself to FEEL gratitude for the successful achievement of each and every one.  You may even wish to take several days or weeks to focus on writing out an achievement and immersing yourself in grateful thoughts and feelings.

Make a powerful declaration by adding your affirmations in the comment section below.


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Thank You Thursday

A few weeks ago, I suggested you write a “Thank you” letter to someone from your past, Thank You Thursday – 8/25/16.

This week, I would like to encourage you to write a letter to someone from your future: a mentor, a spouse, a child, a boss, etc.

I know, you think I’ve gone batty.  “How can I write a letter to someone I have not yet met?”, you ask.   That is what makes this exercise so fun.  You get to create a future success story for yourself and express gratitude for it.  It is visualization on paper!

As I, and many others, have said before, expressing gratitude is the best way to manifest more things to be grateful for.  If you want to succeed in reaching a goal the best and fastest way to do it is to be grateful for it, NOW!  Not when it eventually manifests.

Think about one of your goals.  Who do you need in your life to help you reach that goal?

  • If you want to succeed in business, you need a mentor to help educate and guide you.
  • If you want to be married, you need a spouse.
  • If you want to be a parent, you need a child.
  • If you want to lose weight, you need a personal trainer.

As you write your letter, remember there are NO LIMITS to who you can write to and what you can achieve.  This letter is pure imagination and visualization.  Be grand and bold!  If you want Oprah to mentor you, thank Oprah!  The point is to have fun and feel the joy and gratitude of the achievement.

Here is an example of a letter I wrote:

To my Mentor,
There are not enough words in the English language to “Thank you” for all that you have done for me.  Your guidance, support, and belief in my dream played a crucial part in success.
If you had told me just 18 months ago that I would have achieved my goal of being able to work from anywhere in the world on my schedule, I would have told you you we crazy.
But today, I am writing you this letter from a beach in Hawaii, where I have been everyday for the past week.  Each morning I awake, go to the gym, have breakfast by the pool and spend a few hours working with clients via email and Skype.  In the afternoon, I stroll on the beach or take surfing lessons.  Some days I work for a few hours in the evening and other days I do not.  It is my choice.
I have the amazing opportunity to live this life because of you!!!!!
You devoted a portion of your life to taking me under your wing and helping me create my dream life.  You challenged me to step outside of my usually narrow boundaries and take chances.  I could only have done this, because I knew you would not let me fail.
 You cheered my successes and supported me when things did not go as planned.  You never judged or criticized. 
Of all of the gifts you gave me, the most beautiful and impactful is, you helped me gain my self-worth, self-respect, and confidence.  You were my guiding light through thick and thin.  You showed me my potential (actually, you forced me to seek out and find my potential) and you encouraged me to share it with the world.
For all of this I am truly grateful.  
Thank you for making me and my life what there are today!
In love and gratitude, 

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Thank You Thursday


Here’s my list for today:

  • I am grateful for my dog, Jake, who makes me laugh and loves me unconditionally.
  • I am grateful for my car.  She is reliable, fuel efficient, and fun to drive.
  • I am grateful for my dedicated and supportive clients.
  • I am grateful for my friends.
  • I am grateful for my home.
  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I am grateful for my freedom.
  • I am grateful I have the opportunity to control my own destiny.
  • I am grateful for flowers, sunshine, and thunderstorms.


Time for you to create your own list….


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Thank You Thursday

shovel to dig on the farm

Write down 10 things you are grateful for in your career.


If you need help finding gratitude in your work life, contact me for a 1-on-1 session:

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Thank You Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Thank you for stopping by, 😉

If you could thank someone from your past, who would it be?  A teacher, a grandparent, an ex-flame?

This week I would like to encourage you to write a thank you letter to this person thanking them for the impact they made on your life.

I wrote my letter to Mrs. Borman, my second grade teacher:

Dear Mrs.  Borman,

You probably remember me.  I was in your class in 1980.  I sat in the first seat of the fourth row.  You would pull my pigtails and tell me to, “Pay Attention!”

I was in the advanced reading group.  There were several really smart kids in the group.  One day you asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.  A few students said doctors, others teachers, a couple said lawyers, Billy Manners said he wanted to be an astronaut.  With each student you gave encouraging words and positive reinforcement.  Even Billy Manners.  When you got to me, I said I wanted to be an author.  I still remember the look on your face when you said, “An author!  You’re not smart enough to be an author.   You can barely read.”, it was a look of utter disgust and condescension.  Did I mention I was in the advanced reading group?  

Your words cut straight through to my heart.  But, I was a stubborn and somewhat intractable child, and I decided then and there I was going to prove you wrong!

I am proud to report, my mission was a success.  I AM an author.  Not only do I write 2 blogs, but I have also written and published a cookbook for dog owners, Cooking with Your Canine.  True, I may not win a Pulitzer or even the James Beard and Julia Child Literary Food Writing Award, however I have written a book.  Merriam-Webster defines an author as, “a person who has written something; especially : a person who has written a book or who writes many books”.  Therefore, I am an author.

And, I have you to thank.  Without your cruel and cutting words, I may never have had the deep motivation to create something.  You gave me a lifelong goal to work toward.  Every time I sit down to write, I remember your “challenge” and it gives me the push I need to start writing.  YOU are the reason I write.  And, I’m not done.  I am in the final editing stages for the 2nd edition of, Cooking with Your Canine, I have started work on a children’s’ book about the adventures of Willo, The Wonder Dog, and my blogs continue to flourish.

Thank You Mrs. Borman, for making me the person I am!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Most sincerely, 

Rachel Weller

I never sent my letter.  Mrs. Borman passed away years ago.  But, the point of the exercise is to express gratitude for the contribution the addressee made to your life and the more grateful you can be for the experiences that influenced and shaped who you are today the more gratitude you will have to express for the person you become tomorrow.