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Plan to Get Moving

As you plan out your days this week (you do plan your days, don’t you), make an effort to schedule at least 15 minutes everyday to do some type of physical activity or exercise.

Whether it’s a 15 minute walk to start your morning, a 20 minute yoga session, 30 minutes working in the yard, or 5 minutes scattered here and there throughout your day, it is important to get and keep your body moving.

Daily physical activity stimulates your brain, improves the quality of your sleep, improves circulation, and can help support your immune system.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it gets your heart pumping a least a little bit.

Most importantly, enjoy this little moment of “me time”. You deserve it and so does your mind and body!

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Turn it off today

Today’s Challenge:

“Unplug” for 20 minutes today. No cell phone, no laptop, no tablet, no iPod, no TV.
Take a break from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Spend time meditating, talking face to face with a loved one, take your dog for a walk or read a book.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.