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Love Yourself, Reach Your Goals

What goals did you set for yourself this year? Do you want to: run a marathon, lose 20 pounds, get a new job, find your soulmate, pay off your credit cards, or buy a new home?

No matter what your goals are for 2019, you cannot expect to achieve them if you don’t believe you deserve them. Believing you deserve to make your goal a reality is a crucial step in reaching that goal and yet, I often find when working with clients it is missing from the goal setting equation!

Believing you deserve to have, be, or do anything you want is about loving yourself enough to allow yourself to have, be, or do whatever it is you are wanting.

If you do not love yourself, you will never have the power to press forward with your goal when the road gets rocky and challenges emerge. Instead, you will start to doubt yourself and your abilities and start believing the naysayers and negative Nancy’s’.

See if this sounds familiar:

“What was I thinking? I’ll never be able to lose weight. I don’t have the willpower.”


” Mom was right. Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

If you want to finally get on track to achieving your goals and stay on track you MUST start loving and believing in yourself!

Here is a little exercise to get you started:

  • Find a mirror. Any mirror will work, it can be the mirror in your bathroom, a hand mirror, or the visor mirror in your car. If you can’t find a mirror “selfie mode”on your phone will work.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Look directly into your own eyes. For some of you, this may be uncomfortable. Take a breath and power through. You CAN do this.
  • While looking into your eyes, state out loud at least 10 things you LOVE about yourself. They can be anything; physical attributes, habits, behaviors, attitudes, accomplishments…

“I love my soft silky hair.”

“I love that I am a hard worker.”

“I love that I am intelligent.”

“I love that I finished my work project ahead of schedule and got compliments from my boss.”

Be creative! Have fun! Enjoy the process. Allow yourself to feel good.

Do this exercise every day for a month and take notice of how your life starts to shift and your goals get closer to reality. You will be glad you did!

Let us know how the exercise worked for you, LIKE, us on Facebook and leave a message!

Until next time, have a happy healthy day!

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Take 1 Small Step

When was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your goals, let alone made any progress towards them?

If you are like many of my clients, you set a goal, you may even write it down, and you work at it for awhile. Then life happens and the next thing you know you have gotten no closer than when you started.

Today, I am encouraging you to pick 1 of your goals and take an action that moves you in the direction of that goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, take time today to figure out how much weight you want to lose, when you want to lose the weight by, or try taking a walk at lunch time, or adding more vegetables to you diet. You don’t have to do everything just pick 1 small thing.

The same is true if your goal is to get a new job. Make some time today to review and update your resume, write down specifically how you want your new job to be, look at job boards. If you need more education for the new job, research schools or training programs. Just do 1 little thing that moves you down the path to your new career.

The action you take does not need to take a lot of time, require you invest money if your not ready/able, or leap in with both feet. The key is to simply take a small step that moves you forward. Don’t get obsessed or stressed over the process. Make it a fun adventure. Enjoy the journey.

Once you have taken 1 small step, see if you can make it a habit to take 3-4 steps each week or even every day.

Remember, even the tiniest step toward you goal is better than no step at all.

If you need help taking steps toward your goal, either because you don’t know what steps to take or you don’t know how to create your goal, I would love to help.

Contact me via email at for a complimentary 15 minute life coaching session to help get you on track and moving forward.

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January WellWork Week #4

It’s week #4, time for your final WellWork exercise.

You now have a clearly defined goal and have discovered your reasons for wanting to achieve that goal.  You have also learned what has blocked your progress in the past and found ways to eliminate those barriers.

You are ready to move on.  Here is your week #4 exercise:

Make a list of 10-12 actions you can take to help you reach your goal.  

   If you want to lose weight consider things like hiring a personal trainer, exercising while watching TV, starting a “mastermind” group for people who also want to lose weight, or taking a cooking class to learn how to cook healthy meals.

   If saving/making more money is your goal try making coffee at home rather than stopping at a coffee shop, getting a part time job, creating a budget, or perhaps opening an investment account.

Populate your list with things you can do right now as well as actions you can take down the road as you progress on your journey.  Do not limit your responses based on your current resources or past excuses, think big and write down everything you think of.  Don’t judge, just do.  Your list will give you a plan of action and make the path to your goal less daunting by breaking it down into smaller steps or goals.

Once you have your list it is time to take action.  Do something every day that moves you toward your goal.  Each day ask yourself, “What can I do today to reach my goal?”  Answer the question and take action on it.  You may even want to write your goal down and post it on your bathroom mirror so that each morning you can see it and remember to ask the question.

You now have all of the steps necessary to clarify and achieve your goal.  I know you can do it so have fun and congratulations in advance.

Share your success with others by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

Until next month, have a happy, healthy day!

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How to Stop Postponing Your Success and Happiness by Avoiding The Gap

This a terrific video from Vishen Lakhiani at MindValley about why waiting to achieve your goals to be happy inevitably blocks your ability to be happy and successful and how to prevent this from happening.

How to Stop Postponing Your Success and Happiness by Avoiding The Gap.

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Let me ask you something.

How is your life going? Do you have everything you want? OR is there some goal you are still trying to achieve? Do you want to increase your income? Have you been searching for a new job? Are you still looking for that special someone? Are you trying to lose weight or improve your health but you just not quite getting there?

If you are like most people there are still some goals in your life you are trying to attain but they just are not coming as quickly as you would like. Chances are you have some limiting beliefs blocking your ability to fully manifest your goal. In addition, you are probably not even aware that this limiting belief exists. It is hiding out in your subconscious creating a barrier to your success. For example, consciously you may really want to have a loving supportive relationship but in your subconscious mind you harbor a fear that if you open yourself up to someone you may get hurt. As a result your subconscious creates situations that limit your success to validate your belief and keep you safe.

Because we cannot fully see our limiting beliefs, we are after all living within them, it is often necessary and helpful to have someone that can assist us in identifying and clearing our limiting beliefs. This is where having a life coach can be of great benefit. A life coach can help you find the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and teach you methods to release these beliefs. In addition, a life coach can assist you in creating a plan of action to motivate you toward your goal.

Let me give you a personal example. Recently, while working with my coach (yes, I have a coach) I discovered a limiting belief that I developed in childhood. Because we did not have a lot of money growing up my mother used and reused things as many times as possible. We washed and reused our tin foil and sandwich bags. She collected the little bar soap scraps, put them in a blender with water and made liquid soap which we had to use up before she would buy more bar soap (this had a profound impact on me because at the time I found it quite clever). This childhood experience translates today into me believing I must use up all of my resources before I can get more which isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to tin foil but isn’t so beneficial when it comes to money! Now that I have identified the belief my coach and I decided on a few different modalities to begin to clear the belief. And although it has only been a few days I can feel a shift an I am seeing a few small things being to happen, but that is a whole other blog entry. The point is I was unaware of this belief and until it was brought up from my subconscious I did not see how it was affecting my financial wellness.

So, are you ready to take action to finally reach a goal that has thus far been hovering just beyond your reach?

As a certified life coach, I want to help you pinpoint your limiting beliefs and teach you how to release them so you can move forward on your path to success. That is my mission and my passion. Let me help you help yourself.

Click here to visit my website for more information or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a happy healthy day!

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Thought of the day – 4/3/14

Today’s thought is an affirmation.

For those of you doing your mirror work this is a great one for your practice.

If your not doing mirror work, yet, check out my previous post:
April’s Monthly WellWork.

Now, your affirmation:

I choose to receive the abundance and prosperity I deserve!<</strong

Have a great day!