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Achievements for 2016-2017

For several months, I have been encouraging readers to create a list of the things they want to achieve in the next 2 years in various areas of their lives including: Finances, Career, Relationships, Personal, Fun/Recreation, Contributions, and Health and Fitness.

This page is designed to help you get started on your own list or to help you catch up with posts you may have missed.

I hope you enjoy the posts!  And remember, I am available to help you achieve your goals with 1-on-1 sessions via email or Skype.  You can reach me via email at to schedule your session.

Remember, think big and keep moving!!!

Getting Back on Track 

What are You Going to Achieve in the Next 2 Years

What’s My Motivation?

Plan to Achieve 

Choose to Achieve 

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Achieve Your Goals

Take Action

Playing with Your Goals

Be Bold, Take Action!