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Stay on Track this Thanksgiving

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For many of us, Thanksgiving dinner can be an excuse to really go off the rails with our nutrition and leave us feeling stuffed, bloated, and guilty.

But, it does not have to be that way this year. Make a commitment to follow a few simple techniques to ensure stay in track with your nutrition and enjoy the holiday.

  1. Take your time eating. There is no need to rush through your meal. Eat slowly and focus on how the food tastes. Enjoy the company of the people with whom you are eating. Remember to express gratitude for each and every bite.
  2. Eat until you are 80% full. Eat everything you want, just eat a little less. Have a smaller portion of stuffing, a few less candies yams, and a slightly smaller slice of pie. Every 6-7 bites stop and ask yourself if you are still hungry. If the answer is, “No”, then stop eating.

Following these 2 simple tricks can make a big difference about how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner, physically and mentally!

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

PS- These tips work great for everyday eating as well, so make them a daily habit not just a holiday custom.

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