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Stop Complaining

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What have you been complaining about lately?  Your health, your finances, your job, your family, the election?

When we complain, we invest our energy and focus on what is wrong.  Have you ever noticed that the more you complain about something the worse it seems to get?  Your lazy kids get lazier, the snail’s pace traffic gets slower, and that cold you have only gets more miserable the more you talk about it.    The reason is, the more attention you give the negatives the more negatives you can find to give attention to.  You draw it to you.  Unfortunately, the more things we create to complain about the more frustrated and unhappy we become and, thanks to the Law of Attraction,  the more unhappy we become the more situations we encounter to make us unhappy and give us something to complain about.  It becomes a vicious cycle.

Luckily, the is a way to break the cycle.  Finding ways to reframe the situation and identify the positives interrupts the pattern of negative attention and draws us into a more empowering and uplifting state of mind.  Yes, the traffic may be crawling along but it gives you extra time to listen to that audiobook you’ve been enjoying.  Maybe your kids are lazy, but at least they are healthy.  Refocusing your attention to the positive relieves stress and anxiety as well as increases feelings of satisfaction and joy.

A game I like to play when I find myself complaining about something is, to make a list of 5-10 things I “LOVE” about that thing.  This may seem like a tall order, especially if you are particularly irritated by a situation, but the Law of Attraction has your back here.  The more you focus on what you love the more things you can come up with to love.  It may take a few days to build a list, but if it makes you happier and more relaxed, isn’t it worth a few days?

I love my car, but she is getting older and having a few “healthy problems” of late and so I find myself complaining about her (yes, my car is a “her”).  Here is a list of things I LOVE about my sweet little Prius:

  1. I love my car because she is fuel efficient.
  2. I love my car because she is reliable.
  3. I love my car because all of the equipment I need for work fits in her perfectly.
  4. I love my car because she is comfortable to drive on long trips.
  5. I love my car because my dog can get in and out of her easily.


Now it’s your turn.  As you are speak with friends and family or to yourself, take notice of how often you are complaining and what it is your are complaining about, then when you have a moment sit down and write your “love list”.

Try it out, have fun, and as always leave your comments below!

Until next time, have a happy healthy day!






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