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Thank you Thursday

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Many of us take the food we eat for granted.  With the multitude of choices available to us we usually just grab the most convenient option and scarf it down without a thought for where the food came from or how it got to us.

Today when you sit down for one of your meals, I encourage you to say, “Thank You”.

“Thank you” of course for the food, but also:

        • “Thank you” to the person that grew or raised the plants and animals you are consuming with kindness and loving care.
          Note: This is even more potent if you are concerned about humane raising practices for animals.  Being thankful that people are treating animals humanely (even if many are not) creates the vibrational energy of humane ranching and draws more of that energy into the world.
        • “Thank you” to the person that harvested the food.
        • “Thank you” to the person who processed and packaged the food.
        • “Thank you” to the person that delivered the food to the store.
        • “Thank you” to the person that stocked the store shelves.
        • “Thank you” to the person that prepared the food.
        • “Thank you” to the person that served you the food, did the dishes, etc.
        • “Thank you” to Mother Nature for providing the ideal weather conditions for growing the food.
        • “Thank you” to the animal that sacrificed it’s life for your nourishment.
        • “Thank you” to the fruits, vegetables, etc. for the nutrients they provide you.
        • “Thank you” to your body for using the nutrition you ingest to make you healthy and strong.
          Note: Give thanks for a healthy body even if you are currently unwell.  This creates healthy energy in and around you and can help attract better health. 

How many more things can you think of to be thankful for when you eat?  Whenever you eat take a few moments to be mindful and think about all of the reasons you have to be grateful.

THANK YOU for reading!!!!

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