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Thank You Thursday

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Happy Thank You Thursday!

When was the last time you said, “Thank You”, for your debt?  If you’re like most people, probably never.  For many of us, debt is the big bad wolf in our life.  Even if you have very little debt, you look at it and grumble a bit, “Agh, if only I didn’t have to pay this darn bill!”

Feeling stressed or irritated about debt changes our vibration from gratitude and joy, to more negative energies.  However, if we can look at our debts and reframe them into something positive, it becomes easier for us to manifest miraculous results, like more money (aka less debt).

This week, I encourage you to write a letter to someone you owe money to such as your mortgage company, water company, or credit card company.  Considered that without your mortgage company’s help you would not be living in your current home and the water company is kind enough to give you the water you need now and send you a bill later.

Here is an example of the letter I wrote to my credit card company:

To the staff at Wells Fargo Bank,
     I am writing this letter to say, “Thank You”, for the money you have given me over the past several years.  I am truly grateful for your trust in me and my ability to pay you back.
     Thanks to your money, I have been able to have some amazing adventures.  I have travelled throughout the world.  I have terrific souvenirs, photos, and stories to remind me of my trips.  I have discovered new restaurants, clothing boutiques, and hobbies simply because I had the money you lent me to pay for these experiences.
     You have helped me buy groceries, stay healthy and fit, watch television, and drive wherever I want to go.
     Your patience in waiting for repayment has made my life much less stressful.  Thank you for your faith in me.
     I look forward to the day when I can repay all of your generosity.  

With sincere gratitude,


Lest you fear that focusing on your debt or being grateful for it will bring MORE debt, remember that it is the feelings of gratitude for the wonderful things you have received as a result of the debt (the house, the car, the food…) that you are focusing on NOT the debt itself.  

While it may seem silly or a waste of time to write a letter thanking your credit card company, I assure you it is a powerful exercise for teaching you to reframe your beliefs about money and debt.  The more you can see your debt not as a negative thing, but as the vehicle that brought you treasures, the more positive and grateful your energetic vibration will become and the more positive, grateful feelings you will receive.

Writing these letters has helped me reduce my anxiety and dread when bill paying time comes around.  Now, when it comes time to pay a bill, I am happy to do it because I am repaying a kindness rather than a troublesome obligation.

Give it a try and see if it helps you feel better about the money you owe.


One thought on “Thank You Thursday

  1. What a interesting way to think about debt. Often I am frustrated with my debt, but having the option to use it especially in times of need has truly been a blessing. Thank you for sharing!

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