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What Are You Going to Achieve in the Next 2 Years?


A few days ago, I challenged you to create a list of things you wanted to achieve in the next 2 years in the areas of: finances, career/profession, contributions, relationships, fun/recreation, personal, and health/fitness.  Refresh your memory here.

Today, I thought I would share a few of the things I want to achieve in each area.



  • I will purchase a Jeep Wrangler XL by 12/1/16


  • I will sell >500 copies of Cooking with Your Canine by 12/31/16
  • I will have >1000 followers to my health and wellness blog by 11/1/16


  • I will donate $1000 to children charities in 2016


  • I will build 5 new friendships by 3/1/17


  • I will take 4, 3-4 day vacations in 2016
  • I will go on a safari in Africa by 8/31/17


  • I will spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day meditating or doing a guided meditation
  • I will finish my yoga certification classes by 8/1/16

Health and Fitness 

  • I will improve my flexibility by spending at least 15 minutes every day stretching or doing yoga

You may notice I added a date to some of the things I want to achieve.  I took this step to help keep me motivated and create a mild sense of expediency.  Because these are not traditional “goals” feel free to skip this step all together if you don’t feel it serves your needs.

Sharing my list helps keep me focused and accountable (if to no one else but myself) and can help you do the same, so feel free to add your achievements in the comments section below or share it with supportive friends and family.

You can achieve all of your dreams and aspirations, you just need to know where you are starting from and where you are going.  Now that you have a plan make this year the year you create the life you want!!!!!


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