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Final October WellWork Check In

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There are only a few days left in the month so it is time for a final WellWork check in.

In the last October check in I encouraged you to take notice of how the exercise was effecting how you felt about yourself and how you were relating to friends, family, and coworkers.

Now that we are almost finished I would like to suggest you reflect on how it felt to do this month’s task.

If you found it difficult to make a list of the things you love about yourself you are not alone.  For many of us writing or even thinking about why we love ourselves is difficult and uncomfortable.

Over the weekend I came across this video on Youtube from Louise Hay about why you should love yourself and how to get started doing it.  Personally, I have always found Ms. Hay’s words and guidance inspirational and helpful.  I hope this helps you continue to develop your ability to truly love yourself.  You deserve  your own love!!

If you enjoyed the video and want further guidance on learning how to love yourself you can email me at


Check out this new book,  Loving Yourself to Great Health

Love Yourself to Great Health Pic

And try the Loving Yourself App to keep the habit of self-love going after the month of October has past.

Love Yourself App pic

Remember loving yourself first is the best way to love others.

Until next time,  have a happy healthy day!

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