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A Dying Man’s Wish Was To Be Reunited With His Beloved Dog One Last Time.

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It is amazing the miraculous effects that animals can have on us.
I often wonder who is taking care of whom.

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As we get older and our kids move away, it becomes more likely that the ones we see and love on a daily basis aren’t people, but pets. These faithful companions bring unconditional love, and never grow up and move away. They never bicker or nag, and they’ll always cuddle with you when you don’t feel well.

That’s why we miss them so much when we go on vacation…or when we have to leave them behind when we can’t take care of ourselves.

Not long after James Wathen was admitted to Baptist Health Corbin last month, his condition steadily began to deteriorate despite their best intervention efforts. As the weeks dragged on, Wathen started to show signs of emotional distress and he eventually stopped eating normally — but his caregivers soon learned that he needed more than just medical attention as he neared the end of his life. He…

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