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4 Steps to Help Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

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In yesterday’s blog I talked about how we limit our goals by limiting our beliefs about ourselves.  I said that we have limiting beliefs that keep us from attempting to reach our ultimate goal.

How can you identify your limiting beliefs?

First, listen to what you say.  Do you often say things like “I can’t…”, “I don’t know how to…”, “I’m not good/smart/talented enough to…”, “I am lazy/dumb/diabetic…”.  These types of statement even said casually send out a message to the Universe (and to yourself) of what you believe your limitations are and what you think you can accomplish.

Second, make a list of any goals you made that you did not reach.  Write down why you did not accomplish each goal.  Often our “excuses” or reasons for not achieving success provide us with a clue to our limiting beliefs.

For example, if your reason for not exercising is you do not have time.  You may have a limiting belief that a lack of time in      your life that prevents you from getting things done.  Everyone has the same 24 hours each day, most of them have just as many things on their “to do” list as you and plenty of them exercise daily.  This is a limiting belief you have created for your life.

Third, spend some time thinking about what you learned as a child with respect to  things like money, success, self-esteem, deservingness, judgement, etc.  As children we are taught and learn the beliefs of our parents, teachers, religion, and society.  Because we are young we will accept this beliefs as truths and carry them with us through life.  However times change, people change and the world changes and what we once though was the truth becomes a limitation to our future success.

Finally, hire a life coach to help you identify and clear your limiting beliefs.  A life coach can ask direct impactful questions to help you recognize what your limitations are as well as assist you in creating an action plan to remove those barriers and achieve that incredible goal.


You CAN have that ultimate dream!  The only thing standing in your way is you.  Take action, get rid of the thoughts and beliefs that limit you.  Make yourself the ultimate success story!

And, when you get on the Ellen DeGeneres show can you get me a seat?


If you need help identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs contact me at or visit my website.  I would love to help you make your dreams a reality.

Oh, and PS


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