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June Monthly Wellwork

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Happy June!
This month’s wellwork assignment is about gratitude.
With the growing interest in the Law of Attraction and Positive Psychology over the past several years there is a lot of focus on having “an attitude of gratitude”.
 Having an “attitude of gratitude” means focusing on all of the things you are grateful for throughout your day and life.  And not just people and possessions but thoughts, feelings and experiences as well.  Thinking about what we are grateful for and feeling grateful raises our vibrational energy (btw –  the energetic vibration of gratitude and love are the same ~548MHz).  This higher vibration increases feelings of happiness and allows us to attract more things to be grateful for and that  make us happy.  Simply put, it changes our perspective from one of negativity and lack to an attitude of possibility and abundance.
There are many ways to express your gratitude to the Universe, one of the most common is to keep a gratitude journal.  Keeping a gratitude journal is quick, easy and can be quite fun.  You simply write down the things you are grateful for on a daily basis as big or a small as you like and FEEL the feeling of gratitude for each item as you make the list.  It can look something like this:
I am grateful I woke up this morning.
I am grateful for this cup of coffee.
I am grateful I work with so many supportive and creative people.
I am grateful for my computer.
I am grateful for my spouse/children/friends/dog.
I am grateful I have the eyes to read this awesome blog.  
You get the idea.  This is a great way to put you on the vibration to attracting some amazing things into your life.
But, like most things once we develop the habit we tend to do it by rote:
 -Gratitude journal- check mark – done for the day
So this month I want you to do something a little different.  Each day choose 3 or 4 things you are grateful for write them down AND write a few lines about WHY you are grateful for them.  For example,
I am grateful for my car.  
She is extremely reliable and fuel efficient.  
I can always count on her to be there when I need her.  
She is fun to drive and she is always ready to go on an adventure with me.
Spend some time on this and really feel all of the emotion that goes with the what and why of your gratitude.  The FEELING is a big part of the “attitude of gratitude”.  After all the feeling is the attitude.  So don’t forget to revel in the feeling.
Try to pick different things throughout the month rather than just listing the same 3-4 items every day to keep your mind focused on the many things for which you have to be grateful.  It is okay to repeat things just not every day.
So, have fun and enjoy this activity.  It really can change your life.
Oprah said it best,

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