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March Wellwork

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Making a permanent, long term change can take time.  It will typically take about 21 days to make (or break) a habit.

With that in mind, I have created a series of activities called, Monthly Wellwork, designed to help you create change and clear the path toward your goals.

This month’s Wellwork is about quieting the mind and developing mental focus.

Learning to quiet the mind can help prepare you for meditation or self hypnosis sessions, allow you to get back in touch with your inner voice and even help you sleep better.

By developing mental focus you can increase productivity at work or school, avoid external distractions, improve memory and pay more attention to details.

I will discuss some of these benefits in upcoming blogs but for now let’s get started with your Wellwork for March:

Instructions for Quieting the Mind:

You can find a link to these instructions as well as an image of the red dot visual available to download and print  for your exercise below these instructions.

What you will need:

The red dot visualization aid, tape or thumbtacks, a chair and a timer

What to do:

-Print out the included red dot visualization aid. You may also use a different geometric shape or color such as a blue square or a yellow triangle if you prefer. Just make sure the image is simple and not overstimulating.

-Choose a room where you can sit quietly and comfortably for several minutes each day.

-Attach your image to a wall 3-5 feet in front of your chair at eye level.

-Focus on the image (it is ok to blink). Do not allow anything to distract your attention from the image. Keep your mind focused on the image. If your mind wanders direct your attention back to the picture.

– Begin by maintaining your focus on the image for 1 minute. Practice daily until you can stay focused on the red dot for 5 minutes or longer.

-Once you can hold your attention by looking at the image for 5 minutes repeat the exercise but this time visualize the red dot in your mind with your eyes closed. Start visualizing for 1 minute and gradually work up to 5 minutes of visualizing with your eyes closed. Remember to keep your attention trained on visualizing the image.  Do not let outside thoughts or disturbances distract you

Download the instructions for this exercise here:

Click to access Instructions%20for%20Quieting%20the%20Mind.pdf

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