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Tell them you love them…

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and chances are you will celebrate by giving your loved one some flowers or candy, dinner, perhaps a piece of jewelry and a card that says how much you love them.  You might even profess your love out loud.  And for most of us it won’t be the first time the object of our affection has heard us say, “I love you.”  But, have you ever stopped to think about WHY you love someone?  Sure, there are cards that have the cliche lines, “I love you for your…/ I love you because…”, you may have even purchased one this year, but, cliches aside what do you love about this one person?  Is it his sense of humor?  Is it her compassion?  Or is it that he does the laundry?  What is it that makes you love him/her?

This does not need to be a romantic relationship either.  What do you love about your mother, your best friend, your child?  Even better, what do you love about yourself?  These are all important people in your life and you love something about each one of them.

I encourage you to take some time today to write down 2-3 things (more if you like) that make you love this person.  Once you have your list, read it over.  How does it make you feel?  You might feel a bit silly at first but I will venture a guess  you will feel pretty happy after reading your list and even more loving toward your “significant person”.  If writing the list makes you feel good imagine how wonderful it would be for the object of the list to hear it spoken from your lips.  Wouldn’t heartfelt words of love and appreciation be an amazing Valentine’s gift?

So, this year when you give your loved one the candy, the roses and the card remember to give him/her a piece of your heart as well.  I guarantee it will be the best Valentine’s gift they ever receive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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